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The Walnut Wood Craft of Kashmir
Kashmir is one of the few places in the world that still produces walnuts at an altitude of 5500–7500 feet above sea level. The Kashmiri walnut craftsmanship is notorious for its baroque and complex carvings. 
The Sun Of Your Kitchen - Copper
The glaze and shimmer of Kandkari work (Kashmiri copperware) when the sun hits your kitchen at just the right angle evokes the emotions of positivity and alacrity. Traan(copper) utensils add a sense of perception, culture and goodness within the walls...
Kashmir Carpets - Knots of Heritage
Kashmir, the land of God has not only been blessed with bountiful natural beauty and resources but also with ample benevolence of rich and staggering art & culture. Kashmir has been the home of India’s best and unique forms of Art....
A Walk Down The 'Pashmina' Lane
Read on to know more about what goes behind the making of Pashmina and its timeless glory..