About Us

Our Story

It is simple yet significant. It’s filled with nostalgia, but with a modern appeal. It is that of two passionate individuals, with their hearts set in Kashmir and the soul embedded deep in the culture and colour of the gorgeous valley.

Our Founder Rahul Sharma, born and raised in Jammu & Kashmir and co-founder Preety Agrawal are bound by a common thread of their affection for Kashmiri culture and craft.
In addition to all things that bear the artisanal stamp of Kashmir, of special interest to them is the age- old craft of ‘Pashmina’.

Having extensively travelled across India, they encountered the varied crafts that makes this country proud. It further deepened the connection and admiration for Indian artistries and talent. On the other hand, seeing how lovingly people across the globe flaunted their Pashmina shawls and scarves, they were resounded with the beauty of Kashmiri craft and its relevance even today. People wore it to make a fashion statement and not just to keep themselves warm.
Because of the strong belief in the timeless artistry of the valley, they decided to revive the glory of Kashmiri craftsmanship. Give it a contemporary flavour. Showcase it to the world.
Make it an experience to cherish forever. Thus, was born ‘Mecraaz’.

Our Vision

Mecraaz- which literally translates to ‘scissors’ in Kashmiri, is more than just an online store. It’s an expression of our effort to help the artisans reach out to the world and showcase their unmatched skill, for them to earn a livelihood, increase employment, sustain more families, & spread more smiles. It is an endeavour to revive the glory of our age-old craftsmanship, by lending it a contemporary flavour and a modern aesthetic. It is, but a small step in the larger journey to go ‘Local’, promote ‘Slow’ fashion and stand true to being ‘Made in Kashmir’.

Our Product

From heirloom & luxurious Pashminas to handcrafted rugs and carpets to copperware - Mecraaz offers you the essence of Kashmir- tastefully selected, carefully curated, artfully packaged and delivered with the love and gratitude of our artisans.
Welcome to Mecraaz! Let the journey begin….