Pashmina Care Instructions

Here are some handling instructions for the best life of your Pashmina:


In the case of pashminas, washing shouldn’t be your first option. 

Airing the shawl by hanging it on a towel or just on a hanger in the fresh air will work to rid the cloth of sweat or smell. Let the Pashmina rest for approximately 24 hours.


Dry cleaning is the best-recommended option. However, if you feel confident to handle the fabric, here are a few washing tips that can come in handy:

  • Hand wash in lukewarm/cold water using neutral detergent only.
  • Detergent should fully dissolve in the water before putting your pashmina in.
  • Wash coloured garments separately.


  • To dry only Squeeze gently, Do not wring or twist.
  • Thin fibres of Pashmina are weaker when wet, only hang-dry Indoors. Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.


  • Never iron the Pashmina directly. Use a cool iron over a cotton cloth cover to protect the delicate fibres. 


  • Store the Pashmina shawls folded or rolled in the cupboard shelf wrapped in a muslin cloth.