Carpets - Weaves of Heritage

The deft detail in the craftsmanship of all Kashmiri crafts has brought even the sovereignty in history to a standstill. Kaleen making is one such unbroken art tradition of Kashmiri brought to the Valley by Badshah Zain-ul-Abidin in the 15th century and is derived from the Persian carpet tradition. 

A carpet weaver’s skills are his own, and the designs are drawn from his mind to be translated into beautiful form with the help of wool and silk. The weaver grows as an artist to weave poetry into his designs and give a touch of eternal beauty to his creation, hence every carpet has its story and purpose in history and may take six months to six years depending upon the intricacy of design. 

Mecraaz brings the finest of carpets to you in silk-on-silk with our carpet collection and wishes that our tradition adorns homes of all people alike.